Sunday, June 30, 2013

The State Park Project update

After a great start on my planned State Park Project, things ground to a halt.  There are a number of reasons why.  Bascially, life has happened.

My two remaining grandparents died within two months of each other this past winter and spring.  

I have used more vacation time than I planned and I am not sure if I am going to be able to reach some parks I had hoped to.  I have two weeks scheduled off at the beginning of September with the goal of hitting Fayette, Porcupine Mountain and Fort Wilkins, but in an unusual situation for me, I am not sure if I will have the vacation time to make this trip. 

Finally, finances have contributed to the slow pace.  Money has been very tight and will likely be for the foreseeable future.  Although taking the pictures is virtually free, getting to and from the parks costs money, and to do the project the way I envisioned it a couple of days requiring overnight stays.

This is not to say I am abandoning the project, but I am trying to work out how to do what I want to do given the limitations I currently have.  One thing is certain, although I'd hoped to have the list of parks I gave previously done by the end of the year, that will not happen.  Most likely this will go from being a one year project to an ongoing one.

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