Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Fort Roberdeau

The next place I visited was Fort Roberdeau near Altoona, Pennsylvania.  Fort Roberdeau was built in 1778 during the Revolutionary War.  It was constructed to protect the lead mines in the area that were the source of musket balls.  Though the fort was never attacked, it provided and American presence in the area. 

This barn serves as the visitor center and gift shop.

This building was recently built, but was closed when I passed by.  It is located outside of the fort walls.

You'll notice that the logs comprising walls of the fort are horizontal and that there is a stone base underneath them.  That is because there is very little topsoil and they were unable sink the poles into ground.

The fort was rebuilt in 1976 to celebrate the Bi-centennial.  Construction had started previously, but funding ran out after the stonework was laid.  In 1976 the construction was completed using the previously laid stonework.  Afterwards, it was determined that the footprint was two-thirds the size of the original fort.

The row of barracks with the officer's building on the right.

Since construction was done, it was determined that the barracks were built against the wall of the fort.  Right now they stand several feet from the wall.

This is the blacksmith shop.  In the background you can see the forge.  In the forge, they would separate the lead from the rock and form it into ingots which would then be shipped east to be formed into musket balls.

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  1. That kind of reminds me of a barn I saw at Brandywine. The quarters remind me of the quarters at Valley Forge. That's pretty cool though.