Monday, October 12, 2009

Just as I was setting up for this picture, the sun went behind a cloud and I had to wait for it to reemerge.

More shots from the conservatory.

Friday, October 9, 2009

M-50 Monroe to Jackson - Hidden Lake Gardens

One of the exhibits at Hidden Lake Gardens is their bonsai display. There are different styles, from keeping the tree small, to shaping it, to having a bunch in one planter. I find it all fascinating.

This is a maple.

Some sort of evergreen.

Another evergreen.

This is a group of pines.

M-50 to Jackson - Hidden Lake Gardens

I was in getting my car serviced the other day when the service writer said he thought he saw me a few weeks back. My Daytona was parked along the road I was walking around. Sure enough, after a moment I realized it was on this trip and I was taking photos of the bridge I posted previously.

But in any case, my next stop was a fantastic hobby shot called J-Bar in Tecumseh. This is quite possibly the best hobby shop I've ever been to. It was incredible. I highly recommend anyone going through there check it out.

The next stop with pictures was Hidden Lake Gardens. It is run by MSU and is a wonderful place to spend time. It only costs $3.00 to enter and is well worth it. I spent an hour and a half there and didn't do nearly as much walking about as I would have liked.

These are outside the conservatory. I don't know what they are.

These are inside one branch of the conservatory. Again, I do not know what type of flower they are.

More of the same.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

M-50 to Jackson - Britton

The next stop is Britton. This is about all there is to the town.

This church is actually a bit east of Britton.

Britton has a working grain elevator which seems somewhat out of place. The one in Beaverton was closed and torn down long ago.

I wasn't sure what the spirals on the silos were. Turns out they're the clamps that hold the steel cables that go around the silo together.