Thursday, September 19, 2013

Crosswinds Marsh at Night

A while back Ken and I stopped by Crosswinds Marsh.  I've always loved photography and night photography is even more special to me.  So after we'd left Detroit, we went to Crosswinds to get some pictures.  

I've only tried night photography a couple of times so I wasn't sure what to the results would be.  These shots are all taken within about 20 feet of each other and in the case of the last two images the only thing that changed was the setting on my camera.  There, although only a minute or two has passed you can see that the stars have indeed moved.

Looking south towards Monroe and Toledo.  The streaks are aircraft in the area.

Looking north, a plane departs from DTW.

The Big Dipper.

Once again, looking south.

Another plane leaving DTW.