Sunday, July 28, 2013

While I've been away

Alright, I'm back.  Sort of.  I've been away for a number of small reasons and one larger one. 

The reason is this.  I am trying to actually sell some of my work.  Photography has been a simmering passion of mine since high school and I've always toyed with the idea of actually selling stuff.  My friend Jason showed me this website and got me motivated to get some of my stuff up for sale.

If you see something you like, even if you don't purchase it, a comment would be great if you're so inclined.  If you think it is worth sharing with your friends, would appreciate that too.

What you see there, you will probably see here.  What you see here, you may not see there.  This will be for things like the next post where the quality may not be the best.  That site will only contain my best work.  For a while, my focus is going to be on getting new material ready for that site and this blog will take a back seat to that.

I may even change the focus of this a bit.  We'll see.

In any event, I'm excited about the new steps and hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed capturing the images.

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