Friday, January 17, 2014

Moving forward


I've been away for a bit.  And this is why.

I've been focusing on getting pictures up for sale.  This requires more work than posting here.
In addition, since I am posting some images for sale, I don't want to make them widely available elsewhere.  If I do post an image here that is for sale it will probably be a low res image with a link to the high res image.

While this might drive traffic to the site, the purpose is to protect the image.  My friend Ken has had images of his lifted and used without permission.  While he has not really pursued those that do so, I don't plan on being so understanding.  I'd like my photography to pay for itself and when people steal those images, it makes that much less likely.

Images that appear here will either be those that are not good enough for sale or low res versions of an image that is for sale.