Thursday, April 18, 2013


Going to Windsor the other day inspired me for my next class project. Our topic is 'night photography' and I decided to head across the river to get Detroit at night. I called Ken we headed across to Canada one step ahead of the storm that was approaching.

The first shot I took. A bit over exposed.

I changed it up a bit and let a little less light in.

Looking at the RenCen.

Pulled back a bit.

These pics aren't the greatest, but I think for a first attempt they turned out pretty well.  We would have liked to try other vantage points and different things, but it was cold and rainy. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Detroit and Windsor

Ken called on Sunday. He'd just gotten his passport and wanted to go to Windsor.  Since I don't have any pictures of Windsor or Detroit from Canada I agreed to go along even though I had a bunch of other stuff to do.

The Canadian end of the Ambassador Bridge.

Looking towards America.

The train station stands out. 

There were a couple of sculptures of dinosaurs in the park along the river.

Another view of the Ambassador Bridge.

The other dinosaur
A dancing bear.

A U.S. flag.  There was a Canadian flag just the the left of this one.


Just a tighter shot.

A war memorial.

I'm not usually a fan of sculptures, but for some reason, I really like this one.  Probably just because of the simplicity.

The RenCen.

Another shot of Detroit.  I probably shot more of this than necessary because I'm not used seeing it.

We stopped at Milliken State Park.  I saw that there was a ship upbound and debated about telling Ken about it.  He was ready to go back to the car and I knew if I told him about it I'd be stuck chasing ships.  Still, I knew he'd like it so I decided to bite the bullet and told him.  The ship coming was the Victoriaborg.  She's a salty. 

Ken then saw that Atlantic Huron was leaving the fueling dock and wanted a picture of it.  It was just going a short distance to unload.  It wasn't a great place to get a pic and this was the best that I could get.

Chelsea and Dexter

A little while back Ken decided to visit Chelsea for some pictures and I went along figuring I could get some pictures too.

This is the train station that serviced Chelsea.

The building across the tracks.  I believe this was an old stove company.  It has nice character and is a nice change from modern architecture.

Another view of the train station.  There were two waiting rooms, one on each end of the station.  One was for the men, the other for the women.  Imagine that today.

Flowers outside one of the downtown stores.

Finally some color after months of browns, grays and whites.

New life.

As I walked out of a gallery I was browsing, Ken asked me what the 'black thing' was.  Turns out it was a new Jeep Cherokee.  Chelsea is home to the Chrysler proving grounds so it isn't unusual to see pre-production cars out and about.

The Cherokee should hit the roads later this year.

One of the churches in Chelsea.

Next we headed to Dexter.  I've seen work on the river walk for awhile now but haven't stopped to scope it out.  We wandered down it a bit.  I didn't take a lot of pictures, but here is one of the river.  The bridge over the river is casting the shadow.

Huron Camera.  This is one of the last brick and mortar stores camera stores around.  If you need something camera or photography related, I cannot recommend them enough.  The small building on the right houses a BBQ joint.  It smelled wonderful and I would have eaten some if I hadn't eaten a big lunch earlier.

Heading back to the car I saw this on the side of a building.