Saturday, February 23, 2013

Hartwick Pines State Park

We got away from Mackinaw City pretty early.  We were actually discussing that we'd never gotten away that early.  We were making good time and discussed stopping at Hartwick Pines State Park.  The park is on my State Park Project list, but I knew that if we stopped, we weren't going to be there long enough to do the park the kind of justice I want to do with the project.  Ken wasn't feeling real well, but we decided to stop for a little bit because the snow was on the trees like I was hoping to get.

I won't be giving this the treatment I gave to Tahquamenon Falls.  

The approach to the visitor center.  

While we were in the visitor center, one of the rangers told us that the birds would eat out of your hand.  Ken filled his hand with birdseed and stuck his hand out.  The ranger removed the feeders from the windows and within a minute or two, I was able to capture this image.

The Chickadee goes in for a seed.

The bird studies Ken.

The view behind the visitor center.  I didn't walk much further than this.  The trail didn't appear to be cleared and we'd been there a fair amount of time and we both wanted to get home.

Once we returned to the visitor center and the bird feeders were put back out, I tried to get some pictures through the glass.  Although there is a bit of blur at the very tips of the wings, I like this picture.

I turned the flash on which helped illuminate the bird.

Another bird getting ready to take flight.

On the way out, Ken saw some snow covered trees so we stopped took a few pictures.

This apparatus is located at the entrance to the park.  These were used to move trees after they'd been felled.  I hope to cover this more when I get back to the park.

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