Thursday, August 30, 2012

Experimental Breeder Reactor 1

As I left Craters of the Moon, I came across signs for Experimental Breeder Reactor 1.  This is the reactor that generated power for the town of Arco.  It is open to the public.

An informational sign with the history of the place.  I took a number of photos, but since they're pictures of control panels and I don't recall what most of them are, I'm only posting a few pictures from the place.

After generating power, the people working on the reactor signed the wall.  It has been encased in wood and glass, or plex, to preserve it.

A plaque honoring the contributions to the women who worked at the site.

The reactor was housed here.  This is part of the containment vessel.

The government was looking into a nuclear powered bomber.  This is a nuclear reactor designed horizontally for that plane.

A train engine designed to move the nuclear powered bomber into and out of the hanger.  It is lined with lead to shield it from radiation.

The Snake River Plateau near EBR-1.

Big South Butte near EBR-1.  You can see the facility on the right.

Big South Butte.

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