Sunday, August 26, 2012

Craters of the Moon National Monument - Part 2

After the unguided walk I drove around the park, then caught up with a guided tour.  It was very informative and well worth the time.

A pressure ridge formed in the lava.

Looking back the way we'd come through the lava.

Looking over the lava fields.

An unusual sight here in Craters of the Moon.  A fern that has managed to in the micro-climate of the crack in the lava.  It receives enough water and shade to grow in the middle of the desolation.

A cave in the lava fields.  It is home to bats and pigeons.  The pigeons are an invasive species and are forcing out the native bird.  Bbecause of laws governing the Park System they are not allowed to be killed.  They put owl statues up to scare them off, but that apparently only lasted a few days.

My campsite.  It was in a depression and I chose it because it would be out of the sun before the surrounding area.  No open fires were allowed.  This was the first day I experienced the incredibly high heat that we've experienced this summer.  It was 105 during the day, but cooled down significantly at night.  It was also dry.  The humidity recorded at the visitors center was less than 12 percent.  When I drained the cooler the water running down the slope created a dust cloud ahead it.  I'd never seen anything like that.

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