Thursday, August 9, 2012

Waterton Wildflower Festival

I stopped at a scenic overlook to take some pictures.  While there, I started talking to a guy who pulled in next to me.  A moment later a woman stopped and we all started talking.  Waterton was having a wildflower festival that week.  Apparently, Waterton has the largest number of wildflower species in Alberta, and maybe Canada.  I don't recall.  It is a huge event and draws people from all over. 

The woman worked in the park and the guy had driven down from Calgary and was one of the guides taking people out to see the wild flowers.  We drove back down the road and he started pointing out flowers.

These are Lady Slippers.  He said you're usually lucky to see one of them, but they were all over the place.  These are the only flowers I remember the name of.   They are a type of orchid.

Here is one of the plants.  There were bunches of these plants lining the road.

A lone flower.

A red flower.

I thought these were very pretty.

 Again, I don't know what these were.

 This may be Butterwort.  I know he pointed out some, saying it was the first and only time he'd see anything other than a white flower.

Looking into Waterton Lakes National Park.

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