Saturday, August 4, 2012

Going to the Sun Road - Avalanche Lake to Logan Pass

The day continued to be beautiful and was a far cry from the day before.  With the clouds lifted, visibility was incredible.

Bird Woman Falls.

Looking west.  Going to the Sun Road follows the river on the left heading towards Lake McDonald.

Looking north from where the previous photo was taken.  The river flows from the mountains in the distance towards the bottom of the photo, then takes a turn as seen in the previous photo.  Going to the Sun Road can be seen at right.

One of the many waterfalls.  You an see how the bridge is built to blend in with the surroundings.

One of the famous Red Buses climbing Going to the Sun Road.  The camera is level here.  That is the grade of the road.

Near Logan Pass I finally reached the snow line.  Going to the Sun Road is the scar along the side of the mountain and can be below the switchback at the center of the screen.

Logan Pass is just to the left of the edge of the picture.  You can see where Going to the Sun road cuts through the snow.  At right you can see where a large rock slid down the slope.  Glacier was formed by erosion and many times we don't think of this as a visible process.  We think of it as something taking millenia. This was perhaps the biggest piece of rock I'd seen that had recently been displaced, but there were many places on the road where I would see small pieces of rock that had fallen from above.  Proof that these mountain are in the process of disappearing.
A closer view of the rock from the previous picture.

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