Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Running Eagle Falls

After I left the Many Glacier area, my destination was Craters of the Moon National Monument.  On the spur of the moment, I decided to stop by the southern portion of Glacier National Park.  This area is called Two Medicine and was the most popular part of the park until the completion of Going to the Sun Road.

I wasn't able to see the great vistas, and I wanted to get to Craters of the Moon, so I sort of limited my time there.  Still, I was able to get take a short hike to Running Eagle Falls.  This area, and these falls in particular, hold a spiritual significance for the Blackfeet. 

Running Eagle Falls is also called Trick Falls.  The falls consist of two parts.  When water flow is high, water flows from the top of the falls as seen here.  It also flows through a cave that comes out about a third of the way up the falls.  When water flow declines, water no longer flows over the top and comes from the cave only.  I was here in June and snow melt was still feeding the rivers.  In addition, it was raining lightly. 

To get closer to the falls, there is a small bridge crossing this river which was flowing at a rapid pace.  This is looking upriver from the bridge.

This is looking downriver from the bridge to where the river joins with the river from the falls.  The long sandbar in the center of  picture is the same one in the first picture.  The first picture was taken downstream and to the left of the tree on the left.

Closer to the falls.  Here you can see both the upper and lower portions of the falls.

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