Saturday, December 22, 2012


Our first real stop once we finally got underway was Marblehead. He'd told me about this before, but I'd never been there and he thought I'd like it. I'm glad we stopped, but unfortunately this diversion along with the trip to Detroit meant that what was supposed to be the focus of the trip got no more than cursory coverage.
The Marblehead Light and Keeper's house.  Here you can see one of the problems shooting with a wide angle lens.  The fish-eye looks is starting to appear.  It is particularly noticable with the overly slanted lighthouse.
Cedar Point as seen from Marblehead.

Another view of the light.  It appears prettly slanted in this image as well.
Cedar Point again.
And again.  I'm going to have to come back here sometime in the evening when the park is open.  I'd love to get it all lit up.
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