Saturday, December 29, 2012

Announcing the State Park Project

Michigan is home to over 100 State Parks and Recreation Areas.  Some of these are vast, covering thousands of acres.  Other, only an acre or two.  They cover beaches, mountains and historical sites throughout the state.

In the coming year, I will attempt to showcase some of these treasures.  This will be an ambitious project and I have some doubts as to whether or not I will be able to complete it as I have envisioned it.

Each month I hope to feature one of our parks.  This will be a park that I have not visited in the past or have not visited at that particular time of year.  I have been to Tahquamenon Falls many times, but never in the winter.  That is one of my goals.

Rather than rush around and try to get as many parks as possible, I want to focus on one subject.  My goal it to spend a fair amount of time at the subject park.  Some parks will require more time than others, but I hope to spend several hours in a park.  For others, I may stay for a couple of days.  In a few cases multiple parks will be visited over several days.

In no particular order, the list of parks I hope to visit are as follows:

Warren Wood/Warren Dunes/Grand Mere - These 3 parks are pretty close together on the western side of the state.


Saugatuck Dunes

Muskallonge Lake


Sleepy Hollow

Port Crescent

Hartwick Pines


Tahquamenon Falls

Porcupine Mountains



Fort Wilkins

Orchard Beach

This list is not set in stone.  There may be changes or modifications and there are a couple of places I'd like to go that will require some planning.  If anyone reading this has suggestions or requests, I'll be happy to entertain them. 


  1. Muskallonge Lake is pretty nice. My dad and I stayed there when I was in high school. I hear Tahquamenon is nice in the winter. I think this weekend would have been a good one to go up there.