Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Reason for a Saturday Excursion

I think I have my quota issue addressed and should be able to post again.

A couple of weeks Ken bought a new car.  He decided that he wanted to break it in so we headed out to take some pictures. 

He chose a Ford Focus.  It is a nice little car and passed the "I can fall asleep in the passenger seat" test.  I was hoping he'd buy a Dart, but he bought a domestic (I know Chrysler isn't domestic any longer) so I can't give him too rough a time.

I like this generation of the Focus much better than I do the previous versions.  It is a smaller car than I'm comfortable driving on a regular basis, but it is a pretty good looking car and if I were going to get something that small, it'd definitely be on my list.


By the end of the trip he had almost 800 miles on the car.
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  1. Nice pictures of my car...but what about pictures of...oh I don't know a lighthouse or something.....