Sunday, September 9, 2012

Leaving Yellowstone

I was up early the next morning.  I'd actually broken camp the night before and slept in the car.  I'd planned on leaving early and didn't want to wait for things to dry out.  It was cold enough during the night that there was frost on things in the morning.

Yellowstone Lake.

The Snake River.

Steam rising from the Snake River.

A ground cloud on the other side of a ridge.

A lone bison.  Although a little underexposed in the foreground, I really like this picture.

I stopped to take some pictures of wildflowers along the way.

Most of the pictures didn't turn out very well.

This is the same valley where I was watching grizzlies a few nights before.

Lamar Valley.

A herd of bison and antelope in Lamar Valley.

I watched this lone coyote wandering through the herd.

Here he was pouncing on a mouse or something small.

And as he wandered off.

The Lamar Valley reminded me of pictures of the African savanna.

I passed this just before leaving the park.  There were a bunch of people with spotting scopes out so I turned around and took a couple of pictures.

They were watching the mountain goats.  Unfortunately, even with my big lens it was hard to capture them.

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