Monday, September 3, 2012

Inspiration Point and Cascade Canyon - Grand Teton National Park

After leaving Hidden Falls, we backtracked a bit past this landslide.

A section of trail to Inspiration Point.

The view from Inspiration Point.  The view is amazing.  You can see the water taxi departing across the lake.  It is well worth the hike if you get the chance.

The guided portion of the hike ended at Inspiration Point.  I decided to continue up the trail into Cascade Canyon.  The day was incredibly beautiful and the hike was stunning.

Many people were hoping to see moose as this was prime habitat and word was that they had started to move up into the highlands as the temperature warmed.  I did not see any moose, nor was anyone returning from further up the trail reporting having sighted them. 

I hiked up to the treeline.  The trail was open for a few miles further until it came to snow and ice.  I turned around because I hadn't packed any food or water and I didn't want to get myself into trouble.  I rate this as the most enjoyable hike of the trip. 

Looking back on Inspiration Point.

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