Thursday, October 13, 2011

Whitefish Point - 10/1/2011

After a cold night, I headed up to Whitefish Point. There is a shipwreck museum there as well as a number of other buildings. It is a place for birdwatchers to gather as birds like to rest there after crossing Lake Superior.

Whitefish Point Lighthouse. The scaffolding around the tower is there because they're repainting it. The lighthouse was constructed in 1861 and celebrated 150 years of operation this year. It is still structurally sounds, but needed a coat of protective paint.

Whitefish Point Lighthouse from the beach. When I arrived at the light, is was chilly, but bearable in a light jacket. As I walked over the dune onto the beach and into the wind, it became downright cold. There was no shelter from the wind and it was piercing. I spent perhaps 20 minutes on the beach, and was glad when I returned to the shelter of the lighthouse grounds.

This is a small memorial to three of the crewmen of the Edmund Fitzgerald which sank about 15 miles from the safety of the bay on November 10th, 1975. This simple memorial has been there for as long as I can remember.

A thousand footer, the American Integrity, I believe, passes by the point. I just missed another ship, likely the Kaministiqua, which had passed about 20 minutes before I arrived.

Whitefish Point Lighthouse from the beach. Walking back to the lighthouse, I managed to catch the sun reflecting off the panes of glass in the tower.

In August of last year the tower was opened to visitors. It costs $5 to tour the tower, $4 if you buy a pass to the museum which I think was $13. A view of Whitefish Point from the tower.

A view of the grounds from the tower. The building on the left is the gift shop. The building on the right operates as a sort of Bed and Breakfast. There are 5 rooms I believe and rent out for $150/night.

Lake Superior from the tower. Barely visible as a dot is another downbound ship. I believe it to be the Michpicoten.

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