Monday, October 3, 2011

Parker Mill Park

Parker Mill Park is on the south side of Geddes Road, just east of Dixboro. The park seems pretty small until you start walking around it. The paved trail is one end of the Border to Border (B2B) trail in Ann Arbor. It runs from Parker Mill Park, through Gallup Park and on to M-14 on the northwest side of Ann Arbor.

This past year they have expanded the park to the north. To reach it, you travel under Geddes along the river. This means that that part of the park will be inaccessible during the spring melt when the river floods.

A little to the south, there is a boardwalk through the woods. I don't recall the name of the trail and area, but it is a short walk from Parker Mill Park.

Parker Mill Park. The Mill is to the right. The building on the left is a cider press.

The trail to the south.

Part of the boardwalk through the woods runs under the train tracks where the river flows. This too is flooded in the spring.

A majestic tree along the trail.

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