Monday, October 17, 2011

Rivermouth Campground

I returned to the campground after visiting the Falls. I spent a weekend here with my father in October of 2001 and found the place very peaceful.

I shot a picture from this area in 2001 and it is interesting to see how things have changed. I'll try to post a comparison shot later.

The Tahquamenon River from the campground.

Driving back into the campground, I noticed yellow caution tape and orange cones at the entrance to some of the campsites. This tree had begun to topple over in the strong winds the night before. It had come to rest leaning against the center of three closely bunched trees.

The road out of the campground from near my campsite.

My campsite. The sites in this part of the campground are pretty big and aren't nearly as close to one another as they are in the modern side. I'd broken camp by this time. The temperatures were near freezing and although my sleeping bag was keeping me warm, the fact that I'd put a liner in it meant that I couldn't move. The car proved to be much more comfortable.

Looking upriver from the campground.

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