Tuesday, October 8, 2013


I'm actually trying to get caught up on things. On Labor Day I headed down to Put-in-Bay. The impetus for this trip was the reenactment of the Battle of Lake Erie. This was a pivotal battle in the War of 1812 and there were going to be tall ships from all over there to participate in the reenactment. To be quite honest, the trip was a big disappointment. Both Ken and I had big plans for the day, but the weather was iffy and our lack of familiarity the area meant we didn't really know where to go for the best shots. We managed to get some, but they were less than ideal.

This was the ferry we took over. Miller Ferry was nice and the ride wasn't too bad. I thought they dropped us off downtown, but I was wrong. It dropped us off on the other side of the island a mile or
so from there.

On the way over, the sun broke through the overcast long enough to get this picture.

Once we got downtown there were a number of tall ships moored and sailing in the bay.

 If I recall, this ship was giving cruises around the bay.

Flags outside the Peace Memorial.  They are all the same height to show the lasting peace between the three nations.

Leaving port with a load of tourists.

One of the larger ships coming into port.

Another shot.  I don't recall which ship this is.

Another ship coming into port.

The Perry International Peace Memorial.  It was built to honor those who died in the Battle of Lake Erie.  There is an elevator to the top and the view is quite amazing.

This guy was dressed in period uniform outside the Perry International Peace Memorial.

A view from the top of the Perry International Peace Memorial.

This is the top of the Perry International Peace Memorial.

This is one of the few pictures I took of the reenactment.  It was several miles out in the lake and not much could be seen.

This is a home on South Bass Island that is made from the pilothouse of the Benson Ford.  It is a vacation home overlooking Lake Erie.

This is the South Bass Island lighthouse.  The property is owned by Ohio State University.


  1. The green and white ship is the Somers. The bluish ship is the Peacemaker. The ship with the long yellow flag is the Pride of Baltimore II.

  2. And the boat you have with a load of tourists is the Appledore IV out of Bay City.