Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mackinaw City

Last week I decided to head to The Headlands.  Since I got there several hours before dark I spent the time in Mackinaw City, and by extension, the Bridge.

I missed one ship, but managed to get there in time to capture this one.

Approaching the bridge.

I like the way the arch of the shadow falls across the boat almost like an extension of the bridge.

Unfortunately, there are a number of problems with these images and rather than no post them or correct them I thought I'd put them up as an example of what not to do.  Or rather, what to look for.

One of the issues with digital camera is dust.  If you look at these images, you can see the dark, slightly grey-black spots in the sky.  This is a result of dust.  No matter how hard you try, you're going to end up with dust in your images at some point if you switch lenses.

The Mackinaw City Lighthouse.

Mackinac Island and the passing ship.

I returned after dark and took this picture.  Again, there are a number of issues with it, but as I am still learning more about night photography, I am satisfied with it.

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