Wednesday, March 27, 2013


My latest assignment was 'Urban.'  My goal was to head to Detroit so I talked to Ken who took the day off work and we headed downtown early.  I was hoping to get shots of people, but it was pretty cold and there weren't many people out and about.

We parked at Greektown Casino and hotel.  I think this is a pretty nice looking building.

We headed towards the RenCen. 

I was struck by contrast of the old water tower against the modern construction of the Renaissance Center.

I liked the pattern in the construction of this building.

We made it to the Renaissance Center and headed inside.  It was nice and warm after the cold.  I'd only been inside once before when I had dinner there about 14 years ago.  That was in the evening and I really don't remember much about it except the view.  This glass walkway circles the center tower and provides easy access to the four surrounding towers.

From inside the Winter Garden on the river side.

Another view from the Winter Garden.  The bottom floor holds a bunch of tables and there is a food court in the area.

The Detroit River Princess.  She does cruises of the Detroit River in the summer.  I'm not sure when she'll start sailing this year.

The RenCen from Hart Plaza.  I don't recall ever being there before.  It was nice and I'd like to see it some day when it isn't so cold out.

The inside of the Guardian Building.  This is amazing.

Another shot of the interior.   They certainly don't make them like this anymore.  I wonder how many treasures like this have been lost with decay of Detroit.

Just walking around.  I'm not sure what this building is.

I liked the angles here.

We headed back to the RenCen for the free tour.  The big draw to this was the trip to the top of the center tower.  Looking north to Belle Isle and Lake Saint Clair.

Looking south.  The Detroit River Princess is docked in the foreground and the Ambassador Bridge connects Detroit to Windsor on the left.

I like the high crosswalk, but it doesn't seem to mesh well with the Guardian Building.

This church is across the street from Greektown Casino.  It is a beautiful building, but it is hard to get a good shot of it because of the buildings around it.

The front of the church.

A shot of the side of the chuch, though it is a bit distorted.

This is the only building left from a shipbuilder.  I don't recall what the company was, but just off the image to the right is a slip where ships were constructed.  I think steam engines were built here before being transferred across the street and installed in the hull.

A view back to Detroit.

Shot a little differently.

And a view from the street.

Which brings us to my final three images.  I haven't just sipped the post processing Kool-Aid, I've drunk the entire pitcher.  These have been edited somewhat.  I haven't done a lot of work with them, but I think they are superior to the images as they came out of the camera.  I'm still learning, but I really like the results. 

The Detroit skyline.

The Renaissance Center.

Perhaps my favorite shot of the day.

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  1. The unknown building is the First National Building (that's the Z shaped building in the back). In front of that is the Vinton Building. Both were built in the 20's and designed by Mr. Albert Kahn....