Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Bridges of Kent County

In early March, just a couple of days after I put insurance on my Charger, I decided to take it for a drive.  I'd heard about the covered bridges in Kent County, so I called Ken and headed over.  It was a good trip and the car ate up the miles.

First up was the Fallasburg Bridge.  You can still drive over the bridge, but the sign warns that your speed must be no faster than a walk.

The 100 foot bridge spans the Flat River.  There is a little parking area near the south end of the bridge.

I shot this image just before getting back into the car.  There are a number of flaws with this picture.  It is too light with the foreground completely washed out.  A large number of dust spots are also visible, especially in the upper left.  (Multiple attempts at cleaning the sensor did not solve the problem and I was unwilling to physically clean the sensor.  This necessitated a trip to Huron Camera in Dexter to get it cleaned.  They were able to get the camera cleaned the day I dropped it off.)

Here you can see the results some very quick, simple post processing.  I cropped the image to make it a little tighter.  This also enabled me to not have to deal with the dust spots in the sky.  It still isn't great, but I think this make the image better. 

Next up was White's Bridge.  This bridge also crosses the Flat River and is 120 in length.  There is no real good place to take a picture of the bridge.

The Ada Bridge is 125 feet long and crosses the Thornapple River.  It is located in Ada, Michigan and is closed to vehicle traffic.

There are a couple of vantage points, but they're partially obscured by growing trees.  I was thinking of climbing down and getting to a better place, but the snow and ice deterred me.


  1. I like the touched up picture with your car in it. Looks pretty sharp. Did you PP on the last one too?

    1. No, the last one is straight out of the camera.