Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Chelsea and Dexter

A little while back Ken decided to visit Chelsea for some pictures and I went along figuring I could get some pictures too.

This is the train station that serviced Chelsea.

The building across the tracks.  I believe this was an old stove company.  It has nice character and is a nice change from modern architecture.

Another view of the train station.  There were two waiting rooms, one on each end of the station.  One was for the men, the other for the women.  Imagine that today.

Flowers outside one of the downtown stores.

Finally some color after months of browns, grays and whites.

New life.

As I walked out of a gallery I was browsing, Ken asked me what the 'black thing' was.  Turns out it was a new Jeep Cherokee.  Chelsea is home to the Chrysler proving grounds so it isn't unusual to see pre-production cars out and about.

The Cherokee should hit the roads later this year.

One of the churches in Chelsea.

Next we headed to Dexter.  I've seen work on the river walk for awhile now but haven't stopped to scope it out.  We wandered down it a bit.  I didn't take a lot of pictures, but here is one of the river.  The bridge over the river is casting the shadow.

Huron Camera.  This is one of the last brick and mortar stores camera stores around.  If you need something camera or photography related, I cannot recommend them enough.  The small building on the right houses a BBQ joint.  It smelled wonderful and I would have eaten some if I hadn't eaten a big lunch earlier.

Heading back to the car I saw this on the side of a building. 

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  1. The old building is the Glazier Stove Works Welfare Building. It was used by the workers as a recreation building of sorts. I forget the year it was constructed but the company went out of business shortly after that.