Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Up to this point, everything I have posted has been straight out of the camera with the exception of straightening the horizons in some pictures.

On my photo excursion last week I once again noticed that I had dust spots on the image.  I first noticed them when Ken and I went up north a few weeks ago, but thought I had managed to clean them up.  I did not.  Despite repeated attempts at cleaning by both Ken and myself we were unable to get the sensor clean.  This led to a trip to Huron Camera to get the sensor cleaned.  That set me back $65, but the camera was ready to go the same day I dropped it off.

While there I purchased a polarizing filter which I plan on putting to good use.

My next images will have some mild editing to get rid of the dust spots.  Going forward, I expect that my images will be edited somewhat.  Whether a little or a lot, I can't say at this point.

For a long time I have resisted editing photos.  In part this was because I didn't want to 'cheat.' But I read something awhile back that made me rethink that.  Another photographer had explained his use of editing as a way, not to cheat, but to capture what he saw.

The camera, while an amazing piece of equipment capable of capturing amazing images, is imperfect.  Many times the image can be adjusted to create the mood that the photographer was experiencing or felt, but doesn't translate well to the way the camera the captured image.  

So with that in mind,  going forward, my images may not be straight out of the camera as they have been up to this point.


  1. Well, welcome to the world of post processing. Don't look at it as cheating. Look at it as taking a good thing and making it better.