Friday, September 2, 2011

Frankfort, Michigan and surrounding area

I mixed up the order of these pictures and didn't feel like going back and arranging them in order. Their locations jump around a bit.

I took a day trip to Frankfort, Michigan. Just outside of the town is this gateway. On top of the marker is a model ship that seem very detailed. This is looking east, away from town.

I swapped cars with my brother for the day. This is his car, which I love. I'm tempted to mug him and take the keys.

The lighthouse at Frankfort. Unfortunately, although I walked out to the lighthouse, I did not take any other pictures.

A leaf on the North Country Trail.

I saw a sign for the North Country Trail, made a slight detour and took a very short walk down the trail.

Sleeping Bear is a bit north of Frankfort. I arrived just as the sun was setting.

A sailboat in the bay at Frankfort.

I met my father and his wife at Frankfort. We walked out to the lighthouse, then had dinner on the patio of a restaurant. This was taken from the park across the street. The weather was perfect. The food was great. The scenery was beautiful. Check out the Bayview Grille if you get a chance. I recommend the Whitefish.

The south pier light.

Looking back from the lighthouse towards the entrance to the bay and south of Frankfort.


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