Friday, September 2, 2011

Two Bridges

After leaving the rest area I stopped for a few minutes at the Cut River Bridge to see if I could get any pictures. The sun was setting. The Moon was out. But I still couldn't get a decent picture. I snapped this one as a car was approaching from behind me and it turned out okay.

After the Cut River Bridge, I passed through St. Ignace on the way home. I stopped in the bridge overlook area and snapped this picture.

I think they both turned out okay for low light, long exposure images taken without a tripod.


  1. You may not like that first picture but I do. Nice unusual angle.

  2. Thanks. What I was really hoping for a moonlit shot of the bridge. The moon was too low and on the wrong side of the bridge. I was looking for a shot from the south side, but the moon seemed north of the span. I couldn't have left the shutter open long enough if it had been where I was hoping it would be because of the simplicity of my camera. Overall, I think the picture is okay. It is just not what I had in mind when I stopped.