Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Detroit and Windsor

Ken called on Sunday. He'd just gotten his passport and wanted to go to Windsor.  Since I don't have any pictures of Windsor or Detroit from Canada I agreed to go along even though I had a bunch of other stuff to do.

The Canadian end of the Ambassador Bridge.

Looking towards America.

The train station stands out. 

There were a couple of sculptures of dinosaurs in the park along the river.

Another view of the Ambassador Bridge.

The other dinosaur
A dancing bear.

A U.S. flag.  There was a Canadian flag just the the left of this one.


Just a tighter shot.

A war memorial.

I'm not usually a fan of sculptures, but for some reason, I really like this one.  Probably just because of the simplicity.

The RenCen.

Another shot of Detroit.  I probably shot more of this than necessary because I'm not used seeing it.

We stopped at Milliken State Park.  I saw that there was a ship upbound and debated about telling Ken about it.  He was ready to go back to the car and I knew if I told him about it I'd be stuck chasing ships.  Still, I knew he'd like it so I decided to bite the bullet and told him.  The ship coming was the Victoriaborg.  She's a salty. 

Ken then saw that Atlantic Huron was leaving the fueling dock and wanted a picture of it.  It was just going a short distance to unload.  It wasn't a great place to get a pic and this was the best that I could get.


  1. I can quit chasing ships at any ti....oh look, the Blough...:)

    I actually like that shot of the Atlantic Huron. that spot we went to take a picture of her is not great for that particular dock (didn't realize it was one) but it's not bad for pictures against the Bridge...but still keep one eye open.

    1. Yeah, it seemed kind of sketchy down there.