Saturday, July 7, 2012

Theodore Roosevelt National Park - Painted Canyon

My first stop was at Theodore Roosevelt National Park. This park is one that I had heard of before had always meant to visit at some point but never had any specific plans to do so.  So when I saw the sign for Painted Canyon along I-94 in western North Dakota I stopped.

The Painted Canyon section is more like a rest area.  There is a parking area, a small visitor center with an information and gift shop areas, some picnic shelters and a hiking trail down into the canyon.  It was mid afternoon when I arrived so the colors weren't that great.  Still, it was my first park and a taste of what was to come.  There is no admission fee to this area of the park.

The view northwest from the visitor center area.

Looking north.

From the trail looking down into the canyon.

Looking back the way I came.  The top of one of the building is just visible on the skyline.

Looking north from along the trail.

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