Saturday, May 26, 2012

The oncoming storm and after the passing.

I have to work this weekend. So I took my camera with me hoping to get some pictures.  As I got ready to go to lunch I checked the ais site and saw a couple of boats nearby.  I walked out to the parking lot and saw a boat passing by.  I took a few pictures, but was shooting through a fence and didn't like the shots I got.  I looked to the west and saw that there were some storm clouds moving in.  I thought I could get some shots of the boats and get then get the clouds.  What I didn't realize was just how fast the clouds were moving.  By the time I got around to shooting them they were much closer and didn't look as nice.

A shot to the north from the southeast corner of the parking lot by the river.  At the lower right you can see an ice cooler.  This is in front of the Diamond Jack boat tied up by next to the parking lot.

A shot to the southwest.  This is the Wyandotte power plant which is next to where I work.

After work I saw there was another boat downbound.  I headed to the club and marina behind where I work and saw one of the Diamond Jack boats heading south.  This is not the one normally tied up behind work.

The Birchglen downbound.

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