Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Detroit River 5-23-12

I've been taking my camera to work with me this week.  Just before I left for lunch I checked the ais site and saw there was a boat upbound.  I walked across the parking lot and got this.  The John J. Boland.

Before I left,  I checked again and saw a couple of boats in the area.  The Frontenac downbound with the Great Republic upbound.

 The Sam Laud downbound.

The Great Republic.

This Coast Guard boat was right out in front of where I work.  They were rendering aid to another boat, which you cannot see here as it was behind it.  A short while after this was taken, the boat went north and the Coast Guard boat went south.

 The Sam Laud meets the Great Republic.

 The Great Republic heading north.

I would have missed this except for my friend over at Michigan Exposures who told called me and told me that the Vitosha was about 15 minutes behind the Sam Laud.  I think he'd been up on Belle Isle.  Thanks, Ken.  I would have missed  this one.

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  1. Actually I was at Milliken...but close enough.