Sunday, August 28, 2011

Miners Castle

Miners Castle is the only part of Pictured Rocks Lakeshore that you can get to by car. The sandstone formation stands above Lake Superior. There is a boardwalk nearly to the formation. The formations are fragile and prone to collapse so there is signage telling people to remain on the boardwalk.

The water in the bay is fairly shallow. I think the sign indicated it averaged 6 or 10 feet in depth. When the sun is out, the colors are very nice. Unfortunately, I was there when the sun was high in the sky and the sandstone colors were washed out.

Of course people must hop the boardwalks and walk out onto the formation. Waiting for the people to leave so I could take a picture was most annoying. In April of 2006 a portion of the Castle collapsed with most of it going into Lake Superior. The light colored stone in the center of the picture indicates where the area that fell.

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