Friday, November 26, 2010

The Fifth Day - Price Lake

Originally I had planned on staying at the campsites that were part of the Parkway system. This was the first time where I came to a camping area around the time I wanted to stop for the day.

The campground at Price Lake was large and was split into 3 different sections, or loops, if I recall. Two of the loops were set on the far side of the Parkway from the lake. Driving through, I could have had my choice of campsites and could have been there all by myself. Or I could choose one of the few remaining sites by the lake. Although I really wanted the solitude, I opted for the lake view. A couple of minutes after I registered, the last waterfront site, the one next to mine, was filled.

Price Lake as it appeared when I arrived. Rainfall seemed likely.

After setting up camp, I decided to take a walk around the lake. This is roughly where the first picture was taken as I walked along the path.

Getting ready to head away from the road.

A small beaver dam along the trail.

The sun finally makes an appearance.

Looking over Price Lake towards camp.

Camp Sweet Camp.

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