Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Fifth Day - A Mountain Home

Many of the roadside stops have examples of mountain life and the kind of places that people would live. This one was called "A Mountain Home."

This is the homestead as seen as you approach. Unfortnately, the sun reflecting off the wood shingles caused the rest of the image to be under exposed. I should have realized this earlier, but I couldn't see the camera screen well in the light and this was the first day where the weather was really nice.

From behind the house. The house was built on the side of the hill, as many are in this area.

I don't recall what the light colored building to the left of the house is.

I am standing next to the homes refrigerator. A small spring bubbles up and keeps the building cool. This is where they stored things to keep them cool. I did not get a picture of the springhouse itself, but I thought about its location and what people today would think of having to walk down the hill to get their milk.

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