Sunday, September 13, 2009

On the west end of Monroe is this plant. The sign, which you can't see from here says, Good Time Food Company. This building has the signage "Home of Lotus Flour" It appears open for business which is always good to see.

This church is on the north side of the road heading out of Monroe. It was impossible to get a picture without wires or a telephone pole in it. To the west, there is a school that appears to be attached in some way to the church. Just to the east is another building. I'm not sure what it's purpose was. It may have been where the priest stayed, or perhaps the students of the school.

This is the east side of that building. It is fairly large, being three stories tall and fairly deep. I was amused by what appears to have been church quarters of some sort with a new Camaro backing out of the garage.

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