Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Minnesota - The LaCrosse Queen

I decided to take a trip up the Mississippi on the LaCrosse Queen out of LaCrosse, Wisconsin. The LaCrosse Queen is a stern paddlewheeler. The trip took 3 hours and proceeded through Lock and Dam 7 on the Mississippi River.

The view up the Mississippi as we leave the dock.

A swing bridge over the Mississippi. We had to wait for a couple of trains to cross, the the bridge opened. This is apparently one of the oldest and largest swing bridges on the river and is due to be replaced in the next few years with a lift bridge.

The bridge opening.

Some of the bridge workings.

A view up the Mississippi.

The lock after passing through.

The bridge on the return trip.

LaCrosse from upriver.

The twin bridges that link LaCrosse, WI to LaCrescent, MN.

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