Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Scio Township Park

I stopped by Scio Township Park, I believe it is called, off Scio Church Road. The park is fairly new, having been established in 2008. It encompasses some 94 acres or so.

Although the park is about 3 years old, I don't know that I can recommend it. The signage is practically non-existent. Where it does exist, it is in the form of yellow, pink or blue ribbons tied to trees. For the most part though you have to rely on following the path that others before you have made. There are a couple of loops, but no clear markings for where you are or which is which when you come to an intersection.

The trail crosses a couple of streams, but only two bridges have been completed. There are markers for two others, but construction has not started. Crossing the streams requires either attempting to jump them or walk across the piece of wood that is laid across the water.

The beginning of the trail has a wood chip cover, but that only extends a very short distance. After that the trail becomes muddy and not maintained well at all. In its current state, if there is any moisture in the ground, plan on getting muddy.

In a few years after construction is completed and if the trail is given some cover, this will probably be a nice park to take a walk in. Until then, I can't say I'd recommend it. There are other, much nicer parks in the area.

The high point to this park is the fact that you can take a walk in the woods, and be only minutes away from Ann Arbor.

One of the completed bridges.

A relatively well marked section of the trail.

One of the ponds the trail passes by. The larger of them still had ice in it.

A typical section of the trail.


  1. West of the Ice Cube a bit on the north side of the road.