Saturday, February 5, 2011

A View From the Top

One of the nice things about Crisp Point Light is that it is open to the public so you can climb to the top. Unlike some other lights, this one is free. All you have to do is climb the stairs. The view is beautiful.

This is a view from the top looking east. The end of the boardwalk has been washed away by a storm.


  1. You can go up to the top of Point Iroquois and McGulpin Point. For that matter, I think you can go up in Old Mackinac.

  2. Didn't know about Point Iroquois. I did know about McGulpin and they charge you for Mackinac light. Many of the Lake Huron lights only have limited hour so if you're not there when they're allowing people up, you're out of luck. At Crisp Point, you're pretty much on your own as long as there is a keeper there.