Saturday, December 21, 2013

Yankee Air Museum

Back in 2004, a fire burned the hanger that the museum was housed in.  Luckily, the aircraft that were able to fly were saved.

They are currently housed on the east side of the airport and have a small display area.  In October the Yankee Air Museum had an open house. They received one final extension to their quest to raise enough money to buy a corner of the old Ford Bomber plant, later known as GM Hydramatic.

Here restoration and painting is done on a F4.

A helicopter on display.

I feel like I should know what make this sailplane is.

The Yankee Lady, the B17 that the Yankee Air Museum operates.

One of the engines.

Another engine with the cowl removed, but with the propeller on.

Finally, we were able to view the area that the museum wants to buy and run out of.  Henry Ford built this factory to produce B24 bombers during WWII.

It was roped off, so I was only able to get pictures from near the front, but since there was no light, that was fine.

The place reeked of machine oil.

This is just one of the doors that B24 bombers rolled out of during the war.

Rosie the Riveter was there campaigning to raise the money.

One of a few planes parked outside the factory.  It is hard to believe that it will ever fly again.

The exit to the hangar.  Here you can see just how truly massive the doors are.

A DC3 operated by the museum.

Here is their proposed layout of the space they want to purchase.

A Kaiser automobile.  Kaiser bought the plant to produce cars after the war.

There are some static displays near their current locations.

Another of the static planes.

This is a Russian biplane.  The largest in the world.

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