Sunday, December 18, 2011

Belle Isle Conservatory

The conservatory on Belle Isle was built in 1904. The building was designed by Albert Kahn, who also designed the aquarium which is adjacent to the conservatory. The conservatory is nice, but I was underwhelmed. I think I like the conservatory at the UofM Botanical Gardens better, even if the building isn't as attractive.

A picture of the Koi pond. This lies between the conservatory and the aquarium, which is out of the frame to the left.

The aquarium with the conservatory in the background.

Above the entrance to the aquarium. The aquarium was closed in 2005. It will be open to the public on February 4th for one day, though the exhibits will remain empty. I would love to go, but I will be attending a conference for work.

A lovely flower. I'm not sure if this is an orchid or an iris or something else entirely.

Another beautiful flower.

Some small flowers on a tree. I'm surprised they turned out as well as they did, considering the camera I was using.

The fern room. The walk way through it was closed. When I asked about it, it is because the concrete gets slippery and people are likely to fall, resulting in lawsuits.

Another pretty plant. I know know if this is a flower or just colorful.

A Poinsettia. As I was getting ready to take the picture, water leaking through the roof dropped onto the plant.

A view of the cactus room.

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