Thursday, April 28, 2011

North Bay Park - April

My trip to North Bay Park was delayed a couple of weeks this month. I'd been hoping to keep the pictures from around the middle of the month, but other things came up that kept me from making it there at that time.

April brought a number of changes to the park.

Shortly after starting down the trail you come to this sharp turn.

Green starting to spring up along the trail.

I'm not sure what kind of plant this is, but the green really stands out against the brown.

Approaching Ford Lake.

Apparently the high winds of the past few days brought down a couple of trees. No surprise since we've had quite a bit of rain and these were standing in a pretty swampy area.

Looking back up the trail.

A little further down the trail I discovered this obstacle. The water was fairly deep and almost prompted me to turn around.


This is near where the Huron River flows into Ford Lake. There was quite a current here. It was quite noticable.

Some baby geese.

Someone has been doing quite a bit of brush clearing along the bank. I was able to see the hotel from the park. Usually, there is too much growth to see beyond it.


  1. Probably by waiting until now rather than two weeks ago, the contrast was pretty stark.