Friday, January 14, 2011

The Seventh Day - Graveyard Fields

Driving along the Parkway, I saw this waterfall. I stopped to take a picture, not knowing that a mile down the road there was a turnout where you could walk to it. Still, I'm glad I stopped.

One of the trails leading from the parking lot. This led to the the lower falls which were the ones I saw from the road earlier.

The lower falls.

The trail leading through Graveyard Fields.

The upper falls were about 1.6 miles from the lower falls if I recall. This is part of the trail to those falls.

The upper falls. There were half a dozen people there taking pictures. I'd run into the folks with the orange Avalance and we chatted along the hike to the upper falls and then while taking pictures.

The only time the sun came out while I was at Graveyard Fields was just as I was crossing the river.

Looking back towards the upper falls from the parking lot. You can see the cut the Parkway makes in the trees to the left.

Looking back on Graveyard Fields.

One of the informational signs.

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